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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Curette The KRUUSE Curettes are used for cleaning and removal of debris and calculus from the buttom of the sulcus to above the gum, giving the gingival tissue a chance to recover. Description KRUUSE standard Jaquette curette 31/32, subgingival KRUUSE Gracey curette 13/14, subgingival, fine, cats/small dogs Dental I 04 ยท 52 Cat. No 282384 282399 KRUUSE Tartar Removing Forceps KRUUSE Tartar removing forceps for heavy calculus on the tooth surface. When used prior to ultrasonic scaling, it is possible to reduce scaling time. The special shape of the jaw minimizes the risk of tooth fracture. Cat. No 282386 Description KRUUSE tartar removing forceps KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator Double Ended Periosteal elevators are used for reflecting and retracting the gum flap after initial incision of the gingival tissue. The instrument has thin sharp blades. These KRUUSE elevators have rounded edges at both ends. Cat. No 282381 282396 Description KRUUSE periosteal elevator double ended KRUUSE periosteal elevator, double ended, fine, cats/small dogs KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Molt, No 9 This periosteal elevator has rounded edges which help diminish the risk of damaging the tissue when lifting the gum flap. The sharp end facilitates elevation of the flap. Cat. No 282390 www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE periosteal elevator, Molt, No 9