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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Sickle Scaler, Curved Cat. No Description KRUUSE Sickle scaler, curved KRUUSE Sickle scaler, curved, fine, cats/small dogs KRUUSE Jaquette Scaler The KRUUSE Jaquette scaler has a straight blade and two cutting edges that end in a sharp point. The shape makes it useful for broad facial and lingual surfaces as well as interproximal scaling. Cat. No 282383 Description KRUUSE Jaquette scaler, straight blade, supragingival KRUUSE Kaplan Scalers The Kaplan scaler is sharply angled for supragingival scaling. 282401 KRUUSE Kaplan scaler, dual ended, for large patients like dogs KRUUSE Tooth Scaler These single ended scalers have a blunt end for scraping. Cat. No 282403 282404 Description KRUUSE tooth scaler, right KRUUSE tooth scaler, left KRUUSE McCall Scaler Supragingival scaler used for premolars, molars, mesial/distal. Cat. No 282406 Description KRUUSE McCall scaler, dual ended www.kruuse.com Dental I C 282382 F 282398 04 ยท 51 The KRUUSE sickle scaler with curved blade has two cutting edges that end in a sharp point. For removal of calculus between teeth and above the gum.