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KRUUSE I Dental KRUUSE Dental Mirror The dental double ended mirror is essential in the oral examination. It enables the practitioner to examine poorly visible areas of the teeth and the oral cavity. This Fahrenkrug model has a large and a small mirror. Description KRUUSE dental mirror, model Fahrenkrug, dual ended I 04 ยท 50 Cat. No 282402 Dental KRUUSE Explorer and Measuring Probe The tip of the probe is blunt and perfect for periodontal probing in cats or dogs. Engraved periodontal markings 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 mm, in order to avoid fading ink as a result of autoclaving. The Shepherd hook, at the other end, is useful for identifying and exploring supra- and subgingival tooth defects. Cat. No C 282407 C 282380 F 282395 Description KRUUSE explorer and mea suring probe, extra long, 17 mm KRUUSE explorer and measuring probe, 10 mm KRUUSE explorer and measuring probe, fine, cats/small dogs, 10 mm KRUUSE Resorptive Lesion Probe A probe for detecting resorptive lesions or residual calculus subgingivally. This instrument is also suitable for identifying bone loss accompanying periodontitis. Cat. No 282397 www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE resorptive lesion probe