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I Dental Dental I 04 ยท 47 KRUUSE KRUUSE Dental Instruments We want to offer our customers the best possible dental instruments. We have carefully chosen our main supplier of dental hand instruments - a supplier who not only meets our high standards by producing top class dental instruments, but also lives up to our Code of Conduct, which applies to Quality/Environment/Occupational Health and Safety e.g labour. Our supplier is ISO- and CE certified. Our chosen manufacturer has produced first class superior quality instruments for more than 100 years. With their focus on innovation and quality, it is possible to manufacture any kind of instrument, that will enable our customers to provide the best care for their patients. Using the correct equipment is essential for good dental work. The quality and combination of steel used must be correct for the various types of instruments. Also, it is important that the instruments are strong and durable. Besides sharpness and durability, we also have focus on design and ergonomics. We have chosen an exclusive design and a 10 mm diameter of the round handles, to avoid finger fatigue, which could happen, if the instrument handles are too thin. Our luxators and elevators are of course available with both standard and short (stubby) handles to suit hands of all sizes. We have a 5-year warranty on all our dental hand instruments. ics Ergonom 10 mm s Sharpnes Durability p Perfect Gri Extensive Range Some instruments are similar, but in different sizes. Laser print on the shaft: C Canine F Feline sign Standard sive de and exclu s le d n a h y and stubb ognizable Easily rnet con the shaft: Laser pri tor E Eleva r L Luxato www.kruuse.com