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KRUUSE I Clothing KRUTEX Disposable Surgical Gown KRUTEX Disposable Obstetric Gown The Obestetric gown can be used for any obstetric procedure. A great gown which can save you from washing your clothes after a calving. n Light green 0.03 mm thickness n Waterproof n Sleeves to be cut to desired length n Available in 2 sizes n Cat. No 260589 260609 Description KRUTEX disposable obstetric gown, S, 25/pk KRUTEX disposable obstetric gown, L, 25/pk www.kruuse.com I Description KRUTEX Disposable surgical gown 110 cm, sterile, S, 50/pk KRUTEX Disposable surgical gown 125 cm, sterile, M, 50/pk KRUTEX Disposable surgical gown 130 cm, sterile, L, 50/pk KRUTEX Disposable surgical gown 145 cm, sterile, XL, 50/pk Clothing Cat. No 260564 260565 260566 260567 03 ยท 39 Practical set containing one coat and two towels (10 x 30 cm). The coat is made of non-woven SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond). Ribbed cuff and tie string at the waist.