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KRUUSE I Wound Care BUSTER Carpal Splint These splints are made of a heavy-duty material and reinforced with longitudinal ribs. A recessed area reduces pressure on the carpal pad. A slight bend in the distal end follows the natural resting position. Splints are provided with open pore foam for comfort. XL L M S XS Cat. No 272101 272102 272103 272104 272105 Description BUSTER carpal splint, XS BUSTER carpal splint, S BUSTER carpal splint, M BUSTER carpal splint, L BUSTER carpal splint, XL BUSTER Plastic Leg Splints Disposable leg splints in green plastic with foam padding. Can be contoured at distal end by applying moderate heat. Radiolucent. Cat. No 272260 272270 272280 L Description BUSTER plastic leg splint 3 x 20 cm, S BUSTER plastic leg splint 4 x 30 cm, M BUSTER plastic leg splint 5 x 40 cm, L M 14 ยท 388 S Wound Care I Tail Splint Plastic tail splint to protect the tip of the tail while healing. Lightweight and strong. Attach with tape and position so that the end of the tail can be be treated from the side. Cat. No 272200 272201 272202 272203 www.kruuse.com Description Tail Splint, combi set of 6 x S, 6 x M, 6 x L Tail Splint, S, 6/pk Tail Splint, M, 6/pk Tail Splint, L, 6/pk