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KRUUSE I Wound Care BUSTER Aural Haematoma Compress BUSTER aural haematoma compress is a compression pad that gives good ventilation and great cosmetic results. The pad consists of an inner open soft foam layer and a tougher outer surface where sutures are tied. Aural haematomas are fluid filled pockets on the inside of the ear. They most commonly occur in dogs with floppy ears, but can occur in any breed of dog and also in cats. Surgical treatment involves draining the fluid and placing multiple sutures in the earflap to create adhesions between the ear skin and the ear cartilage. Cat. No 161640 Description BUSTER Aural Haematoma Compress 12 x 8 cm, 10/pk, sterile KRUUSE Cotton Rolls Cat. No 160133 161729 160135 161730 160134 Description KRUUSE cotton roll, 15 cm, 300 g, absorbent KRUUSE cotton roll, tightly rolled, 25 cm, 1 kg, absorbent KRUUSE cotton roll, 30 cm, 500 g, absorbent KRUUSE cotton roll, softly rolled, 35 cm, 1 kg, absorbent KRUUSE Cotton roll, half compression, 35 cm, 1000 g, absorbent Cold dressing Soak the dressing in boiled water as described above, and let the dressing cool completely. Apply to affected area. The dressing can also be chilled in the refrigerator and kept in the bag. Dry dressing Apply to the affected area and secure with a bandage. Avoid applying the bandage too tightly. Always apply with shiny side away from the skin. Cat. No 160700 Description KRUUSE Steri-Protect 20 x 40 cm, 10/pk, sterile www.kruuse.com I How to use Hot dressing Boiled water is placed in a shallow container and cooled to 37°C. Cut the dressing to the size and shape required and place in the water. When saturated, remove from the water a nd squeeze out excess liquid. Place over the affected area with the shiny side away from the skin. Secure with a bandage. Wound Care Sterile veterinary dressing. Excellent absorbency. Free from added chemicals. Size of dressing: 20 x 40 cm 14 · 379 KRUUSE Steri-Protect