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KRUUSE I Wound Care KRUUSE HydroGel A clear amorphous hydrogel containing a Carboxymethyl cellulose polymer, propylene glycol and water. 0.04% Polyhexanide added. Key Functions: n As part of the wound preparation n Provides a moist wound healing enviroment n Promotes natural debridement through autolysis n Loosens and absorbs slough and exudate n Not runny n Contains 0.04% Polyhexanide (PHMB) as a preservative Cat. No 165020 Description KRUUSE HydroGel, 15 g, 10/pk, sterile KRUUSE Foam Dressing A 4.5 mm non-adhesive PU (polyurethane) foam dressing with one side covered with a thin PU film which provides a bacterial barrier. Key Functions: Highly absorbent wound dressing n Non-adherent n Makes moist wound healing possible n Conforms to the wound bed n Description KRUUSE Foam Dressing 5 x 5 cm, 10/pk, sterile KRUUSE Foam Dressing 10 x 10 cm,10/pk, sterile KRUUSE Foam Dressing 15 x 15 cm, 5/pk, sterile KRUUSE Foam Dressing 10 x 20 cm, 10/pk, sterile 14 ยท 377 Cat. No 165030 165031 165032 165033 I Breathable Bacteria resistant Wound Care The microporous thin foam backing is waterproof Foam expands as it absorbs exudate and conforms to the wound bed www.kruuse.com