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KRUUSE I Wound Care Wound Healing and Modern Wound Care Wounds heal through a process of events that are influenced positively or negatively by the local environment. Research in the 1960’s pioneered the development of advanced wound dressings designed to positively influence the wound environment in order to facilitate wound healing and achieve optimal wound healing rates. Since then, many modern products have been developed that reduce the bacterial burden and/or. maintain a healthy level of moisture within the wound bed. KRUUSE Wound Flushing System The KRUUSE Wound Lavage System facilitates optimal wound care at an affordable price: effective wound irrigation is ensured by the use of 3 l of body temperature isotonic fluid delivered at the correct pressure. KRUUSE is the first company to develop a dedicated veterinary wound flushing unit with a documented and stabilized pressure of 0.82 bar (12 psi). The flushing unit delivers 3 l of fluid in less than 5 minutes. Description KRUUSE Wound Flushing Unit 14 · 375 Cat. No 165050 The KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution sachet contains the correct amount of electrolytes to add to the Wound Flushing Unit to produce 3 l. of body temperature physiological saline solution. The sachet also includes 0.04% Polyhexanide (PHMB) as a preservative. This solution is ideal for professional wound lavage. One sachet contains 30,051 g powder consisting of: n Sodium 8.964 g n Chloride 11.591 g n Lactate 7.482 g n Potassium 0.470 g n Calcium 0.181 g n n PHMP 1.200 g Water 0.163 g Cat. No 165051 Description KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution, 10 sachets www.kruuse.com Wound Care I KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution