DIAG IM3 - Page 370

KRUUSE I Suture KRUUSE Linen Multifilament, braided: For secure knot tying, high flexibility and easy handling Coated: For easy knot tying and smooth passage through tissue Non-absorbable KRUUSE Linen is a braided and coated multifilament, non-absorbable suture based on cellulose and is derived from twisted long staple flax. KRUUSE Linen is packaged dry, but gains a substantial and immediate increase in strength if wetted before use. It possesses a higher tissue reactivity and greater capillarity than cotton. One of the greatest assets of linen is its low extensibility and thus ability to hold a tight knot. Suture I 13 ยท 370 Absorption: n Non-absorbable Chemical composition: n KRUUSE Linen sutures are based on cellulose and derived from twisted long staple flax Colour: n Whitish brown Indications: KRUUSE Linen is commonly used in soft tissue approximation and ligation where a permanent support is needed. Areas of use include: n GI-anastomosis n Hernia n Tonsillectomies www.kruuse.com Range: n USP 3+4 n EP 6 Sterilization method: n EO Packing: n Cassettes