DIAG IM3 - Page 354

KRUUSE I Suture KRUUSE Nylon Monofilament: For smooth passage through tissue and high tissue compatibility Synthetic: Minimal tissue reaction Non-absorbable: Provides permanent tensile strength KRUUSE Nylon sutures are coloured blue for easy identification during surgery. The monofilament and synthetic properties of the suture give a smooth surface, minimal tissue reaction and decreased incidence of infection and trauma. KRUUSE Nylon suture is quite pliable and does not support bacterial growth due to the smooth surface. The elasticity of KRUUSE Nylon suture makes it useful in retention and skin closure. Chemical composition: n KRUUSE Nylon monofilament suture is made of monofilament polyamide 6&66 by extruding a strong uniform strand. Suture I 13 ยท 354 Absorption: n Non-absorbable www.kruuse.com Colour: n Blue Indications: KRUUSE Nylon is commonly used in soft tissue approximation and ligation where permanent support is needed. Areas of use include: n Skin closure n Ophthalmic surgery n Vascular and cardiovascular surgery n Neurosurgery Range: n USP 4-0 to 1 n EP 1.5 to 4 Sterilization method: n EO Packing: n Boxes of 18 peel packs