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KRUUSE I Clinic Equipment Surgery Tables Clinic Equipment I 02 · 34 It is always important for surgeons to have a surgery table that lives up to individual demands and preferences. This is especially important when working in a small animal veterinary practice, as veterinary s urgeons need to be able to handle a wide variety of patient shapes and sizes. We always aim to provide our customers with high quality surgery tables. In addition, we provide an animal stretcher - an aid when recumbent, injured or unconscious patients need to be lifted or moved. Tilt up to 1 KRUUSE Surgery Table 2° The KRUUSE Easy-Lift table can be used in connection with examination, treatment and surgery. This highly functional table is made in an attractive design and offers top quality at an extremely favourable price. The table comes as a standard table. Features such as tilting and castors can easily be fitted at a later stage. Furthermore, a wide selection of extra fittings can be mounted on the table according to individual requirements. Battery ble from 54-100 Height-adjusta cm High quality castors (optional) Foot control Can be placed at either side www.kruuse.com Features: n Foot operated electrical table n Height adjustable from 54 to 100 cm n Stainless steel table top n Moulded 130 x 60 cm, including drain and 14 support clamps n Weight capacity: 120 kg Cat. No 280915 280916 280917 280918 280488 Description KRUUSE Easy-Lift Table with rechargeable battery KRUUSE Easy-Lift Table 230 Volt Tilting mechanism for KRUUSE Easy-Lift table KRUUSE Easy-Lift castors, 2 locking castors 100 mm Rubber mat for EasyLift 1300 x 600 x 4mm