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KRUUSE I Clinic Equipment KRUUSE Small Animal Scale Suitable for rodents, birds, cats and small dogs. Delivered with plastic tray to provide comfort for the animal. Digital display either wall-mounted or separate. The scales can weigh up to 20 kg with intervals of 10 g. 9 V battery, 100 mA AC adapter. Cat. No 280793 Description KRUUSE practice scales for small animals < 20 kg KRUUSE Walk-on Scale Weighs up to 250 kg with an accuracy of 0.1 kg. Large stainless steel platform 90 x 55 cm, height 6 cm. n The dog can easily step onto the platform n 4 adjustable legs provide excellent stability n Large LCD display n Easy to clean n Includes rubber mat Cat. No 280806 Description KRUUSE Walk-on Scale www.kruuse.com I Of course the weighing scale needs to suit the individual patient. KRUUSE offers a weighing scale for the very small patients, such as rodents, birds, cats and small dogs. and a walk-on scale for patients up to 250 kg. Clinic Equipment It is important to weigh patients at regular intervals - and weighing should always be done at the annual health check and before any surgical procedure. 02 ยท 33 Scales