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KRUUSE Both sutures and needles are manufactured to meet our high standard of inspection and control, as KRUUSE is committed to our “Code of Conduct”. This applies to Quality/Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Policy - Code of Conduct. Regarding quality and environment, KRUUSE aspires to use quality orientated and environmentally certified suppliers, or alternatively, suppliers that are otherwise able to substantiate implementation of environmental management systems or other environmental enhancing measures. Code of conduct is valid for both supplier and sub-supplier if any. r work Enjoy you es! USE sutur U R K h it w Regarding Occupational Health and Safety, KRUUSE Code of Conduct specifies, among other things, that our suppliers: n Must on demand procure documentation for compliance with health and safety regulations and/or other relevant legislation n Must aspire to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for his/her employees in terms of preventing accidents or circumstances that are detrimental to the health – caused by/in connection with/occurring during working hours or as a result of the work process/functions n Are to respect that profiting from/exploitation of vulnerable groups such as children or illegal immigrants is unacceptable n Must comply with (and act in accordance with) all international human rights conventions and standards on bans on employment of minors etc. – and for Denmark, according to Danish legislation standards on employment of minors to carry out certain tasks, not precluding employment carried out in countries outside Denmark – during manufacture of products delivered to KRUUSE. All of the above specifications are part of our KRUUSE company policy – Code of Conduct and secure the end-user as well. 13 · 319 The needles are high quality stainless steel and the manufacturer of suture and needles is known for excellent quality, and supply sutures and needles for 7 different human markets including Japan. Key points from the Environmental Policy specify, among other things, that the supplier must: n Aim to reduce over-packaging n Aim to use recycled board for packaging n Aim to ship all KRUUSE deliveries in joint consignments in order to promote efficient, fuel-saving transportation I KRUUSE is proud to present our new and improved assortment of high quality sutures. We hope you will enjoy your suturing work with our new KRUUSE sutures. Suture Suture KRUUSE sutures - new assortment I www.kruuse.com