DIAG IM3 - Page 317

KRUUSE I Surgery Bare Fibre for Diode Laser Using laser surgery, the outer layer (2 mm) of the fibre gradually deteriorates through repetitive contact with soft tissue. This layer can be removed with the stripper and the diamond cutter, and the fibre is again ready for use. After several operations and subsequent shortenings the fibre can be replaced. Cat. No 141801 Description Bare fibre for Diode Laser, 600 µm, 3 m, sterile Protective Eye-wear for Diode Laser Protective eye-wear to be used with the diode laser during surgery. Effective at a wavelength radius of 940 - 1000 nm. Cat. No 141802 Description Protective eye-wear for diode laser, 940-1000 nm KRUUSE Electro Surgery Unit Cat. No 271155 271156 Description KRUUSE Electrosurgical unit, incl. electrodes Set of 7 electrodes for electrosurgical unit model 271155 www.kruuse.com I Surgery The unit is supplied complete with: n Hand piece n Cable n Ground plate n 7 electrodes n All autoclaveable n Material: Steel cabinet n Cabinet colour: white n Size: 50 Watts n Weight: 4.9 kg n Legislation, EEC directives, standards: CE marked in accordance with EU medical device directive. 12 · 317 Supplied with hand piece and 7 electrodes. Electro surgical unit for small animals.