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KRUUSE I Clinic Equipment BUSTER Dog Cages Made of green Formica laminate plates with an extremely strong surface. Silicone sealed. Provides durability and easy cleaning. Stainless steel doors open 180° to the right or left, depending on where the strong plastic hinges are placed. Cages are assembled without use of tools. Can be arranged in many combinations. BUSTER top quality cages are comfortable and almost noiseless and will fit into the interior of any animal clinic. The BUSTER combi cages can be raised 10 cm from the floor using custom-made bases that fit the design of the cages. Cat. No 280810 280820 280830 280831 280840 280850 280851 280852 280853 280860 Description BUSTER dog cage model A, green, 150 x 75 x 93.70 cm BUSTER dog cage model B, green, 100 x 75 x 93.70 cm BUSTER dog cage model C, green, 100 x 60 x 62.50 cm BUSTER dog cage, model C with double door and detachable partition, green, 100 x 60 x 62.50 cm BUSTER dog cage model D, green, 75 x 50 x 62.50 cm BUSTER base for cage A, green BUSTER base for cage B, green BUSTER base for cage C, green BUSTER base for cage D, green Wheels for dog cage, 4/pk Examples of combinations Measures of the individual models www.kruuse.com I Clinic Equipment Hospitalized patients in the clinic deserve the best possible surroundings. Our BUSTER dog cages made of Formica laminate and a choice between stainless steel doors and glass doors will provide durable and easy to clean surroundings for your hospitalized dogs and cats. Noise level is as low as possible due to the custom made materials which ensure a peaceful and quiet environment for the patients. 02 · 31 Cages