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KRUUSE I Surgery Positioning Correct positioning of the small animal patient is important. This is true when taking X-rays, when examinining the patient and when carrying out surgical procedures. KRUUSE offers a wide selection of products that will help to keep the patient positioned correctly - and at the same time ensures high quality patient care. BUSTER X-ray Support A very handy support when positioning small animal patients for X-rays or for surgery. Cat. No 273288 273289 Description BUSTER X-ray support BUSTER X-ray support, foam BUSTER Vacu Support Ideal support for surgery and examination of patient. Keeps the patient insulated from cold operating tables. Resistant to all commonly used disinfectants. Vacu support is shaped to fit the patient and air is let out by using the special pump. n Radiolucent Cat. No 273291 273294 273295 Description BUSTER vacu support, 30 x 60 cm white BUSTER vacu support, 50 x 100 cm white BUSTER vacu support set, 30x 60 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 1 pump BUSTER Vacu Pump Vacu pump for BUSTER Vacu Support. Cat. No 273296 Description BUSTER vacu pump www.kruuse.com 12 ยท 301 n Ideal support for surgery and examination Radiolucent 50 cm long, 40 cm wide I n Surgery n