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KRUUSE I Retail ActivityMat - challenge your dog BUSTER ActivityMat is an innovative activity toy for dogs The portable BUSTER ActivityMat, including three activities, is supplied in a heavy duty bag. This ActivityMat allows you to challenge and mentally stimulate your dog and to interact with your dog while your dog is playing. I 11 ยท 286 Rearranging the individual activities on the mat will change the experience for your dog. Additional exciting tasks may be purchased, which means that your dog will never get bored when playing with the BUSTER ActivityMat. Retail Patent No PA 2014 70018 Several individual tasks are available 274338 274339 274340 274341 274342 274343 274344 274345 274346 274347 274348 274349 Scan and see the video Developed by www.kruuse.com www.kruuse.com