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KRUUSE I Retail Intelligent Feeding All animals need food! However, unlike their wild or feral cousins our pet’s food usually comes for free twice a day in a bowl. One of the simplest ways to occupy and mentally stimulate dogs, cats and puppies is to throw away the bowl and start making them earn their own food! Here you will find a range of products that can be used - not just as a food bowl - but products which also stimulate your pet mentally. And they are fun to play with too! BUSTER DogMaze BUSTER DogMaze – the daily challenge for all food’n fun loving dogs. Using your BUSTER DogMaze is simple and fun; once introduced you can simply use it to replace your pet’s regular food bowl keeping him entertained every meal time. Of course treats can also be fed through the BUSTER DogMaze! I 11 · 283 Description BUSTER DogMaze Mini, Light Blue BUSTER DogMaze Mini, Grey BUSTER DogMaze Mini, Lime Green BUSTER DogMaze Mini, Pink BUSTER DogMaze Mini, Black BUSTER DogMaze, Light blue BUSTER DogMaze, Black BUSTER DogMaze, Lime Green BUSTER DogMaze, Pink BUSTER DogMaze, Grey Retail Cat. No 274161 274162 274163 274164 274165 274160 274166 274167 274168 274169 SCAN QR-KODEN OG SE VIDEOEN www.kruuse.com