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I 01 · 28 KRUUSE Anaesthesia Holder For Endotracheal Tubes I Practical holder for endotracheal tubes. Holds up to 16 tubes. Anaesthesia Cat. No 271705 Description Holder for endotracheal tubes Brush For Endotracheal Tubes Convenient brush to clean the inside of endotracheal tubes. Small, 5 mm x 25 cm. Medium, 8 mm x 32 cm. Large 10 mm x 42 cm. Cat. No 271706 271707 271708 Description Brush for endotracheal tube, S Brush for endotracheal tube, M Brush for endotracheal tube, L Anaesthetic Face Mask Anaesthetic mask made of clear, strong plastic. 15 mm connector fits on the inside of the patient tubing. Without neck strap. Top diameter is 15 mm. Cat. No 271672 271673 Description Anaesthetic face mask for cats Ø 85 mm Anaesthetic face mask for dogs Ø 130 mm Anaesthetic Mask Rubber Anaesthetic mask in black rubber. Connector fits on the outside of the patient tubing. Cat. No 271680 271670 271690 www.kruuse.com Description Anaesthetic mask rubber, Ø 70 mm Anaesthetic mask rubber, Ø 50 mm Anaesthetic mask rubber, Ø 85 mm