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KRUUSE I Retail BUSTER Dog Shoes, Walkaboot Walkaboot dog shoes are made of durable and waterproof neoprene, and has a moisture absorbing lining, which keeps paws dry. Velcro straps provide a snug fit. The sturdy rubber sole provides excellent support and insulation. Cat. No 161665 161666 161667 161668 Description BUSTER dog shoes (Walkaboot), S BUSTER dog shoes (Walkaboot), M BUSTER dog shoes (Walkaboot), M/L BUSTER dog shoes (Walkaboot), L BUSTER Dog Boot with Sole These dog boots help protect the paws of working dogs when moving around in hard or hazardous terrain such as rocks, rubbish dumps, areas with steel shavings, broken glass, snow and ice. Can help decrease the number of dog paw injuries, which is better for the dogs and results in increased working time for each individual dog. Description BUSTER dog boot with sole, S BUSTER dog boot with sole, M BUSTER dog boot with sole, L Retail I 11 ยท 270 Cat. No 161607 161608 161609 BUSTER Dog Socks Dog socks are used as a cover for a bandaged paw. Made of breathable rib-knit cotton and enforced with a sturdy waterproof sole. Cat. No 161635 161630 161620 161610 www.kruuse.com Description Pair BUSTER dog socks, XS Pair BUSTER dog socks, S Pair BUSTER dog socks, M Pair BUSTER dog socks, L