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KRUUSE I Postoperative Care KRUUSE Rehab Carpal Protector The carpal protector can be used before and after surgery or in connection with chronic arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis, OCD, ligament injuries, arthritis and other problems. When dogs suffer from injuries in the distal joints such as the carpal joints, it is often secondary to trauma. In connection with these complex joints being injured, ligaments are often affected in some way. The healing period is long and the dog needs a support around the joint in order not to worsen the injury during the healing period. The carpal protector is stretched around the entire leg and fastened with a Velcro band in accordance with the stability one wants to achieve with the protection. Description XS, Cocker Spaniel, Whippet S, Collie, Springer Spaniel M, Labrador, Dalmatian L, Rottweiler, German Shepherd XL, Bernese Mountain Dog Starter kit, sizes XS-XL, 5/pk KRUUSE Rehab Weight Cuffs Weight training is used to exercise the dog’s muscles and can be used for rehabilitation as well as wellness training programmes. When exercising the dog’s hind legs, the weight cuffs are placed above the hock with the side pockets turning away from the body. When exercising the front legs, the weight cuffs should be placed above the carpus. To improve balance and control the dog should wear weight cuffs in pairs. Exercising with weight cuffs results in stronger muscles and better movements. The training should be adjusted from using very light weights to heavier weights after a couple of weeks. A suitable start weight is 1 g per kilo of the dog’s bodyweight. After some time you can increase the weight to 2 g per kilo of the dog’s bodyweight. Cat. No 279830 279831 279832 279833 279887 279917 Description XS, Papillon, Chihuahua, 1 pair S, Dachshound, Whippet,Sheltie, 1 pair M, Labrador, Dalmatian, 1 pair L, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, 1 pair XL, Bernese Mountain Dog, 1 pair Starter kit, sizes XS-XL, 5 pairs www.kruuse.com Postoperative Care I 10 · 261 Cat. No 279844 279845 279846 279847 279882 279915