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KRUUSE I Postoperative Care BUSTER Soft Collar For cats and small dogs. Comfortable, soft, non-woven material which is waterrepellent and easy to clean. Particularly suitable for cats due to the shape and flexibility of the collar. Cat. No 273384 Description BUSTER Soft collar for cats and small dogs, 10/pk Rabbit Collar Protective collar for rabbits. Made of flexible and strong polyethylene. An inexpensive solution to prevent the animals from reaching wounds on head and body. Cat. No 273390 Description BUSTER rabbit collar, 10/pk Bird Collar I Description BUSTER bird collars 80 mm, 10/pk BUSTER bird collars 100 mm, 10/pk BUSTER bird collars 140 mm, 10/pk BUSTER bird collars 200 mm, 10/pk BUSTER bird collars combi, 15/pk BUSTER parrot collar, normal, 35 mm BUSTER parrot collar, large, 45 mm Postoperative Care Cat. No 273375 273376 273377 273378 273372 273386 273387 10 ยท 257 Disposable collar for birds. Prevents the bird from picking feathers and wounds. Easy to fit on the bird with an office stapler. Transparent material. BUSTER Anti-LickStrip BUSTER Anti-Lick Strip is an ideal solution for patients recovering from surgery or minor injuries or have tender areas caused by excessive licking, biting or chewing, because it encourages them to leave their wounds and sores alone. Lasts up to 5 days. The BUSTER Anti-Lick contains only natural ingredients and is suitable for both cats and dogs: n Ground cayenne pepper n Ground oregano leaf n Lemon powder n Peppermint Cat. No 273924 273925 273926 273927 273928 273929 273930 273931 Descriptio n BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, small, 2/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, small, 6/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, medium, 2/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, medium, 6/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, large, 2/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip, large, 6/pk BUSTER Anti-LickStrip Pro BUSTER Anti-LickStrip Pro C www.kruuse.com