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KRUUSE I Livestock 210102 Tail Docker Accessories 210103 210096 210101 Cat. No 210096 210100 210101 210102 210103 Description Lighter gas 200 ml for tail docker Spare knife for tail docker (210095) Spare knife for pig tail docker SuperPro Empty gas cartridge without knife for tail docker Gas burner with knife for Super Pro tail docker 210100 Gas Burner for Pro II Tail Docker 09 · 248 A further development of our well-known gas tail docker for the professional pig breeder who requires high capacity and reliable operation. Some of the most important features are: Electronic ignition (piezo ignition), pre-heating time only 2 minutes, operating time on one gas filling approx. 1.5 hours, working temperature 500° - 525°C, improved. Description Gas burner for Pro II tail docker without knife with service packet Livestock I Cat. No 210104 Tooth Cutting Forceps Both models are with spring. Cat. No 240566 240570 240570 Description Tooth cutting forceps 13 cm stainless steel. For pigs with short jaws. Tooth cutting forceps 15 cm stainless steel 240566 Ear Notcher Very sharp cutting that gives a clean cut in the ear. 240550 Cat. No 240550 240560 240560 www.kruuse.com Description Ear notcher for calves, 16 cm, stainless steel, U-shape, 5 mm large Ear notcher for pigs, 16 cm, stainless steel, V-shape