DIAG IM3 - Page 246

KRUUSE I Livestock KRUUSE Debeaker For fast and easy debeaking of poultry. Working temperature 500-525°C. Requires only two minutes to heat up. Piezo ignition. Works with KRUUSE lighter gas, cat. No 210096, or with standard lighter gas. Cat. No 210091 Description KRUUSE Gas poultry debeaker KRUUSE 0-bite Spray 0-bite pig perfume is very effective against tail biting and pig fights. O-bite can also be used for poultry. PORCIVET Hartshorn oil discourages fighting and cannibalism among pigs and poultry. Description KRUUSE 0-bite spray, 400 ml Livestock I 09 · 246 Cat. No 161072 0 Infection Preventing Spray Used to clean and disinfect minor wounds and scratches in damaged hooves, treatment of navels in new-born animals and for tail and ear bites. 0 infection is antifungal and inhibits bacterial growth. Cat. No 161071 Description 0 infection preventing spray, 200 ml PORCIVET Shoulder Protector Developed to prevent shoulder wounds on sows. The shoulder cap is designed to relieve pressure in the area around the shoulder blade. This effectively reduces the occurrence of shoulder wounds and subsequent treatments or destruction of the animal. The protector uses a unique adhesive that can be adhered directly to the affected area of the sow. Cat. No 241013 www.kruuse.com Description PORCIVET shoulder protector, 10/pk