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KRUUSE I Livestock Hoof Cutters High quality for professional users. Double action. 220224 Cat. No 220224 220225 Description Hoof cutter, toothed, for sheep, 23 cm, heavy duty Hoof cutter, for sheep, 23 cm, heavy duty 220225 Sheep Shears Description Sheep shears 29.5 cm 09 ยท 241 Cat. No 247010 I Applicator for Castration Rings Cat. No 200170 200180 Livestock For tail docking and castration of lambs. Description Elastrator Rubber rings 100/pk Sheep Restrainer Unique plastic restrainer to aid the shepherd in his everyday tasks. Easy to fit, causes the ewe minimum discomfort. Ideal for lambing, transport and during treatment. Cat. No 247090 Description Sheep restrainer plastic large www.kruuse.com