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I KRUUSE Livestock Sheep KRUUSE offers instruments and equipment specifically designed for sheep. You may want to check out the products for lambs such as the lambing instrument, plastic bucket with feeding teats and our lamb feeder. KRUUSE Vaginal speculum Nickel plated. Description Vaginal speculum for sheep 20 cm Ovi-mark, Sheep Marking Spray Special marking spray for sheep. Colours remain visible for up to 12 months. Fully scourable. Approved by The British Wool Marketing Board. Cat. No 240460 240461 240462 Description Ovi-mark, red, 400 ml Ovi-mark, blue, 400 ml Ovi-mark, green, 400 ml Lambing Instrument Useful tool for lambing. Snare can be put over head or leg, pulled tight, and the lamb is gently pulled out. Plastic, length 37 cm. Cat. No 247080 Description Lambing instrument plastic www.kruuse.com Livestock I 09 ยท 239 Cat. No 290979