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KRUUSE I Livestock Hoof Care The incidende of hoof problems in dairy production is increasing and it is a debilitating as well as very costly problem in dairy production throughout the world. KRUUSE is able to deliver all kinds of hoof treatment products. We would like to draw your attention to the new BOVIVET Hoof Bandage combined with KRUUSE Hoof Gel for treatment of digital dermatitis - one of the most common hoof problems. This treatment is efficient and easy to carry out. 09 · 234 BOVIVET hoof bandage is a complete bandage ready to apply. It is made of water-repellent material that keeps liquids out. The shape and elastic materials are designed to keep the bandage in place. Applying additional doses of hoof gel is possible and the effect of the treatment can be checked during the process. The hoof bandage remains in place, and complications are not expected. The hoof bandage is easy to remove. I Available in 2 sizes: XL- fits most types of cows (red) L - fits heifers and small cow breeds (white/blue) Livestock Cat. No 220411 220413 220412 Description BOVIVET hoof bandage, White L, 10/pk BOVIVET hoof bandage, Blue L, 10/pk BOVIVET hoof bandage, Red XL, 10/pk KRUUSE Hoof Gel Contains: Salicylic acid 38% and Aloe Vera. Prepare the hoof by washing it thoroughly with a soapy solution or hydrogen peroxide and dry the hoof. Apply the gel to the hoof followed by a bandage that will withstand water and moisture. The bandage must be removed after a max. 48 hours. Cat. No 220402 Description KRUUSE hoof gel vF6Ɩ7Ɩ26B3RS$ddUB&FV7FfRbG&W76pG&W76rf"FRG&VFVBbFvFFW&FF2BFW"bVG2W6VBFVǒ6V7FvFRr'WW6RbvVvF6Ɩ7Ɩ26BfFRG&W76rFRbF&fFR6VVf&VBF&FPVƖr6B##CRwwr'WW6R6РFW67&F$ddUB&FV7FfRbG&W76rS