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KRUUSE I Livestock ReCovin Rumen Starter ReCovin rumen starter paste is a unique paste, with nutrients that act as a substrate for the build up of the microflora in the rumen after periods of ruminal disturbances and decreased appetite. ReCovin rumen starter contains vitamins, micro minerals (trace elements), amino acids, energy and appetizing agents. Cat. No 310773 Description ReCovin rumen starter 4 x 255 g ReCovin Phosphate Paste Recovin phosphate paste is used as a source of phosphate for cows with downer cow syndrome (cows with low serum organic phosphorus that do not respond to intravenous calcium therapy). Phosphate paste is phosphate mixed with the energy provider propylene glycol. 09 ยท 233 Description ReCovin phosphate paste 4 x 350 g Livestock I Cat. No 310880 ReCovin ACT Paste Active coal in form of pasta, contains tannin. For ruminants and horses. Cat. No 310767 Description ReCovin ACT paste 4 x 250g ReCovin Dosing Gun ReCovin paste dosing gun. Very durable. This model does not have variable dosing facility. One dose equals 10 ml pasta. Cat. No 311010 Description ReCovin dosing gun, plastic and metal (black) www.kruuse.com