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KRUUSE I Livestock KRUUSE PASTE Recovin – a series of products for oral administration of specific nutrients for primarily dairy cows. Within the Recovin range you will also find pastes for other species such as sheep and goats. Paste administration is easy and safe with the Recovin dosing gun and only takes 30 seconds. The full range has been developed and tested by Danish veterinarians and all products are made in Denmark. ReCovin Ketosis Paste A high energy product containing propylene glycol and other relevant essential nutrients for ruminants in negative energy balance. Description ReCovin ketosis paste 4 x 250 g Livestock I 09 · 232 Cat. No 310760 ReCovin Rumen Acidosis Paste Acidosis paste contains magnesium oxide with antacid effect and other useful nutrients for ruminants with rumen acidosis. Cat. No 310764 Description ReCovin rumen acidosis paste 4 x 280 g ReCovin Calcium Paste Recovin calcium paste is a high-tech calcium chloride product with added magnesium. Recovin Calcium Paste is especially useful as a calcium supplement for cows in the period around calving where they are at risk of milk fever. Cat. No 310766 www.kruuse.com Description ReCovin calcium paste 4 x 295 g