DIAG IM3 - Page 229

KRUUSE I Livestock Marking Identification and marking of livestock is important. KRUUSE offers several options for this purpose: Marking sticks, marking sprays, tatoo forceps and a tatoo hammer. BOVIVET Superior Marking Stick Superior marking sticks made of special waxes, paraffin oil and high quality dyes. Temperature resistant and highly colour intensive. With screw bottom. I 09 ยท 229 Description BOVIVET superior marking stick, blue, 10/pk BOVIVET superior marking stick, red, 10/pk BOVIVET superior marking stick, green, 10/pk BOVIVET superior marking stick, black, 10/pk BOVIVET superior marking stick, purple, 10/pk Livestock Cat. No 240300 240301 240302 240303 240304 KRUUSE Marking Stick An economic alternative to the well-known BOVIVET Superior marking sticks. KRUUSE marking sticks contain approx. 20% more wax than average sticks on the market. The KRUUSE marking sticks do not contain animal fat. With screw bottom. Cat. No 240313 240314 240315 240316 Description KRUUSE marking stick green 10/pk KRUUSE marking stick red 10/pk KRUUSE marking stick blue 10/pk KRUUSE marking stick black 10/pk www.kruuse.com