DIAG IM3 - Page 228

KRUUSE I Livestock KRULAB V10 urine test strips Inexpensive and easy-to-read test: coloured indicator squares on the strip can be compared with the colour chart on the label. Results appear in 60 seconds. Cat. No 290798 Description KRULAB V10 urine test strips, 100/pk BHB milk The test strip shows the concentration of BHB in milk. BHB (Beta Hydroxy Butyrate) is a substance that in higher concentration is an indicator for ketosis. Description BHB milk, 25/pk Livestock I 09 ยท 228 Cat. No 290839 TT Calipers Measuring device for the measurement of the skin reaction at a tuberculin test. Stainless steel. Cat. No 240750 www.kruuse.com Description TT calipers for TB examination