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KRUUSE I Livestock BOVIVET Mastitis Indicator Paper Place a few drops of milk on the test spots. Check for colour change which indicates an infected quarter. Packed in airtight bag to prevent discolouring and condensation. Cat. No 170350 170351 Description BOVIVET mastitis indicator paper, 20 x 25/pk BOVIVET mastitis indicator paper, 100/pk 09 ยท 226 CMT Test Kit Livestock I 170372 170361 An accurate and inexpensive method of determining the cell count in milk. The kit contains: n 500 ml dispenser bottle with dosing pump which gives exactly 3 ml test liquid n CMT paddle n Book with detailed instructions and pages for registration of test results Test liquid is supplied separately. Cat. No 170362a 170361 170372 Description CMT test kit, English Bottle 500 ml neutral, B152 white with cap without pump Dosing pump for 500 ml bottle CMT Test Paddle A four-well plastic paddle. Place milk from each quarter into each section. Add test liquid, agitate gently and evaluate. Marks indicate 2 and 3 ml. Cat. No 170365 www.kruuse.com Description CMT test paddle