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KRUUSE I Livestock Diagnostics Diagnostic tests are important in screening and diagnosis of livestock. KRUUSE offers several tests for detection of mastitis as well as tests for detection of BHB, an indicator of ketosis. Quick tests for various pathogens are also available. KRUUSE Colostrum Densimeter Description KRUUSE colostrum densimeter complete with measuring cylinder Livestock I Cat. No 290855 09 ยท 225 For quick evaluation of IgG content in bovine colostrum. A quick way of measuring the quality of the colostrum is by using the KRUUSE colostrum densimeter. The densimeter measures the specific gravity of the colostrum. KRUUSE Refractometers KRUUSE Colostrum Refractometer will very rapidly give a reliable colostrum measurement result, thus an indication if the colostrum quality is good enough to feed the newborn. Colostrum quality is measured in percentages with a cut-off value of 22%. Test the colostrum before feeding it to the newborn and use only good quality colostrum. Cat. No 290015 290017 290015 Description Colostrum refractometer, digital Colostrum refraktometer, Brix scale 290017 www.kruuse.com