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KRUUSE I Livestock BOVIVET Ruminal Magnet Our well-known BOVIVET ruminal magnets are recommended by veterinarians worldwide due to their excellent function. The magnets have the correct size, shape and weight to offer maximum protection against and treatment of traumatic indigestion in cattle. The correct length and deep grooves in the plastic cage provide extra protection from sharp, uneven pieces. Cat. No 142030 142035 Description BOVIVET ruminal magnet, 10/pk BOVIMINI ruminal magnet, 10/pk BOVIVET Ruminal Magnet, Extra Powerful Description BOVIVET Mag II, extra powerful ruminal magnet 10/pk Livestock I Cat. No 142040 09 · 223 Treatment and prevention of traumatic reticulitis. Tests have showed significant reduction in occurrence of traumatic reticulitis in cows when ruminal magnets are used. The BOVIVET Mag II has a higher pulling resistance than a conventional magnet. KRUUSE Ceramic Magnets Presented in a strong Styrofoam box with each magnet in a separate compartment for maximum protection. Magnets are easy to pick up as they do not stick. Cat. No 142037 Description KRUUSE Ceramic magnets 60 x 20 x 15 mm, 12/pk Metal Detector The AF 103 is developed for security checks, but it is also eminently suitable for many other purposes, such as finding wall ties, pipes and cables in walls and other structures, scanning luggage, and especially for finding swallowed objects. One control operation incorporating on/off and tuning 6” (15 cm) waterproof loop Audio output with built-in speaker Lightweight and strong mechanical construction Pinpointing ability Uses one PP3 9 volt battery Detects all metals Cat. No 141753 Description Metal detector AF 103 incl. battery 9 V www.kruuse.com