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KRUUSE I Livestock Milk Catheter Complete with stiletto, with olive hub, nickel-plated. Cat. No 170165 170170 170180 170190 Description Milk catheter 2.0 mm x 9 cm Milk catheter 2.5 mm x 9 cm Milk catheter 3.0 mm x 9 cm Milk catheter 4.0 mm x 9 cm KRUUSE Teat Drainage Tubes With stylet and teat obturator. Cat. No 170250 Description KRUUSE teat drainage tubes, 7 cm, 25/pk I For disinfection of the teats before milking. Consists of two chambers. Pressure on the lower chamber forces the liquid into the upper cup, and the teat is easily washed. 09 ยท 217 KRUUSE Teat Dipper Description KRUUSE teat dipper - non return valve Livestock Cat. No 170339 BOVIVET Milk Sucking Preventer Aluminium, with spikes. Cat. No 170380 Description BOVIVET sucking preventer spiked KRUUSE Plastic Sucking Preventer Nylon, made of flexible plastic. Easy to apply. Cat. No 170385 170386 170385 Description KRUUSE Plastic sucking preventer, S KRUUSE Plastic sucking preventer, M 170386 www.kruuse.com