DIAG IM3 - Page 216

KRUUSE I Livestock BOVIVET Teat bandage Unique polyester bandage. Protects wound against dirt, easy to mold and apply, cohesive. Can be applied to wet teats. Allergy tested. Cat. No 160954 Description BOVIVET Teat bandage, 6 cm x 5 m BOVIVET Milking Tube Yellow, 3.3 mm. Sterile milking tube in blister pack. Luer lock for easy administration of e.g. antibiotics. Description BOVIVET milking tube luer lock, yellow, 3.3 mm, 20/p 7FW&PƗfW7F6 +r#`6Bs2$ddUB7&vRVB7G&0W6VBf"F֖7G&FbVF6Fg&7&vRFFRFVBVW"fGFr6Bs#cwwr'WW6R6РFW67&F$ddUB7&vRVB7G&2VW"7FW&P