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KRUUSE I Livestock Lactation KRUUSE offers a wide selection of products to maintain optimal hygiene as well as treat dairy cows, including teat inserts, teat dilators, teat plugs, teat bandages, teat wipes and a teat dipper with non return valve. BOVIVET Teat Wipe For disinfecting the teat before treatment. Description BOVIVET teat wipe 100/pk Livestock I 09 ยท 214 Cat. No 170100 BOVIVET Silicone Teat Insert The Bovivet silicone teat insert is a gentle teat insert designed with a handle for easy and hygienic insertion. The conical shape of the teat insert prevents the teat insert from falling out. Cat. No 170230 Description BOVIVET silicone teat insert, sterile, 20/pk BOVIVET Teat Dilator Diam. 5.5 mm, length 35 mm, individually packed in plastic tube with vaseline, red obturator to be removed when milking. For cows with damaged teats, the drain can be inserted for an extended period. Cat. No 170270 170275 170280 www.kruuse.com Description BOVIVET teat dilators, 5 x 10/pk BOVIVET teat dilators, 25 x 10/pk BOVIVET teat dilators thin, 5 x 10/pk