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KRUUSE I Livestock BOVIVET Gel The reference brand in the industry, with protective film for lubrication of instruments, arms and hands for births, vaginal and rectal examinations. Ready for use. Cat. No 180520 180525 180528 180529 Description BOVIVET gel 500 ml BOVIVET gel 1000 ml BOVIVET gel 5000 ml BOVIVET gel 10 l Mix with water to make a lubricating gel. It can be used for rectal/vaginal examination and insemination. 12 g of gel granulate is mixed with 1 l water. I Description BOVIVET gel granulate bottle, 350 g BOVIVET gel granulate refill, 350 g Livestock Cat. No 180511 180512 VALUELINE Examination Gel Economic alternative to the famous BOVIVET gel. Good quality lubricating gel for vaginal and rectal examinations. High viscosity. The tube facilitates the introduction of the gel into the vagina and the rectum. After use the bottle is closed by bending the tube onto a small knob on the screw cap. Cat. No 180545 180548 09 ยท 213 BOVIVET Gel Granulate Description VALUELINE examination gel 1000 ml VALUELINE examination gel 5000 ml www.kruuse.com