DIAG IM3 - Page 206

KRUUSE I Livestock KRUUSE Catheter Gel Efficient lubricating gel to be used e.g. in connection with the introduction of AI catheters. Handy bottle. n Non-spermicidal n n No preservatives Contents: Vaseline and paraffin oil Cat. No 340626 Description KRUUSE catheter gel, hanging tube, 250 ml Bovine Uterine Metal Catheter 09 ยท 206 Nickel-plated, with luer lock mount, 43 cm. Description Bovine uterine metal 43 cm, catheter luer lock Livestock I Cat. No 230710 Inseminator Universal For use with mini and medium straws. Cat. No 340665 www.kruuse.com Description Inseminator universal for both 0.25 ml and 0.50 ml straws