DIAG IM3 - Page 205

KRUUSE I Livestock Vaginal Speculum Polansky The speculum has 3 blades. Has butterfly screws with 2 blades on top for wide exposure. Cat. No 290990 290995 Description Vaginal speculum Polansky 27 cm Vaginal speculum Polansky 35 cm Vaginal S peculum I Description Vaginal speculum, 27 cm metal duck bill type Vaginal speculum, 35 cm metal duck bill type Livestock Cat. No 290985 290980 09 ยท 205 Vaginal speculum for horses and cows. Nickel plated. KRUUSE Gel, Sterile Excellent lubrication for AI catheters and instruments. Non-spermicidal. No preservatives. Cat. No 340623 340625 Description KRUUSE sterile gel 10 ml KRUUSE Sterile gel 250 ml www.kruuse.com