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KRUUSE I Livestock KRUUSE Insemination Catheter for Gilts KRUUSE insemination catheter for gilts with a small foam tips suitable for gilts. n With rounded edge n Colour: Yellow Cat. No 340220 Description KRUUSE insemination catheter, rounded edge, 100 x 5/pk KRUUSE Lubricated Catheter KRUUSE lubricated catheter with foam tip for gilts, single packed. The catheter and protective foil are inserted into the gilt and at 5-10 cm the catheter is pushed through the foil. 09 ยท 202 The foam-tip catheter is lubricated with KRUUSE catheter lubricating gel. Ensures optimal hygiene as the catheter is not exposed to bacteria during insertion through the vulva due to the protective foil, which is broken upon reaching the clean area. Livestock I Cat. No 340091 Description KRUUSE lubricated catheter gilt foam tip, 100/pk KRUUSE Spiral Insemination Catheter KRUUSE disposable spiral catheters are soft and gentle. They are delivered with a handle and a tube connector with closure mechanism preventing backflow. Made of hygienic material. Cat. No 340198 www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE spiral insemination catheter, 4/pk