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KRUUSE I Livestock KRUUSE Foam-tip Insemination Catheters Ensures hygienic and easy introduction of the catheter into the sow. With rounded edge. Cat. No 340208 340210 Description KRUUSE foam-tip insemination catheter, single packed KRUUSE foam-tip insemination catheter, 50 x 10/pk, Length: 555 mm KRUUSE Lubricated Catheter Single packed, securing optimal hygiene conditions and improvement of conception rate. Cat. No 340202 Description KRUUSE lubricated catheter, single packed, 100/pk KRUUSE Insemination Catheter KRUUSE insemination catheter with handle/stopper to prevent back flow of semen. Cat. No 340214 Description KRUUSE foam-tip insemination catheter, 100 x 5/pk www.kruuse.com I Livestock The protective and hygienic foil is used as a protection sheath during insertion of the catheter. The foam-tip catheter is lubricated with the KRUUSE catheter lubricating gel, tested by the Danish Meat Association and approved to be non-spermicidal. 09 ยท 201 The advantages of clean insemination are well known to pig breeders. The avoidance of bacterial contamination of the uterus during insemination improves the performance in terms of conception rate and litter size.