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KRUUSE I Livestock Artificial Insemination - Pigs Our well-known brands are your guarantee for quality and reliability which we constantly work on by expanding and upgrading our range in order to meet the requirements of the professional users. We offer you a complete range of equipment and products for swine AI. Our products are based on research and experience from the professional Danish pig farming. Durasperm Boar Semen Diluent The special formulation ensures excellent semen conservation for 5-7 days after dilution. Quick preparation of diluent. Contains gentamycin. 09 · 199 Description Durasperm boar semen diluent 1 l Durasperm boar semen diluent 5 l Durasperm boar semen diluent 10 l Livestock I Cat. No 340047 340048 340049 BTS Powder Boar semen diluent. Ensures 3-5 days semen conservation. Easy and quick preparation of diluent. Contains gentamycin. Shelf-life 12 months when stored at 2-8˚C. Cat. No 340243 340248 340249 Description BTS powder with gentamycin for 5 l solution BTS powder with gentamycin 1 l BTS powder with gentamycin 10 l www.kruuse.com