DIAG IM3 - Page 198

KRUUSE I Injection and Infusion KRUUSE Heparin Cap Transparent Heparin Cap for injection with needle through the cap connected to the IV catheter. Cat. No 230655 Description KRUUSE heparin cap 10/pk Stand for Infusion Bottle Description Stand for infusion bottle with 2 hooks Injection and Infusion I 08 ยท 198 Cat. No 280410 BUSTER IV Splint A great solution to the recurrent problem of providing a continuous and uninterrupted IV drip to an unattended patient. n Easy to attach using adhesive tape Comfortable. Patient is still able to walk n 3 adjustable sizes to fit all sizes of dogs and cats n Hygienic. Autoclavable n Stainless steel - long durability n Cat. No 272251 272252 272253 www.kruuse.com Description BUSTER IV-splint, S BUSTER IV-splint, M BUSTER IV-splint, L