DIAG IM3 - Page 174

KRUUSE I Gloves Surgical Gloves Surgical gloves are in high demand in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Comfort, feel and protection all need to be excellent. KRUUSE has for many years supplied the veterinary profession with KRUTEX surgical gloves, which in many countries are the vets’ preferred choice. Together with leading glove experts we have upgraded the quality of KRUTEX surgical gloves. 9 8 81/2 7 71/2 6 I Gloves www.kruuse.com 61/2 07 · 174 Measuring Chart for Surgical and Examination Gloves Instructions: Size is indicated by the width of your hand just below your first knuckles. Place your right hand flat (palm down) on the guide with your fingers together and thumb spread. Your index finger should be flush against the dotted line, but not covering it.