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KRUUSE I Gloves Gloves 07 ยท 169 Gloves I X-large Large Medium Small You have the choice between 3 different materials when you choose examination gloves: latex, vinyl or nitrile. In veterinary practices we usually recommend latex gloves. However, if you are allergic to latex we recommend nitrile gloves. If economy is your most important parameter, choose vinyl. Nitrile gloves have become very popular as a milking glove in dairy farms due to its superior strength. Powder-free vinyl gloves are very popular at boar stations when collecting semen. Measuring chart for Examination gloves Instructions: Size is indicated by the width of your hand just below your first knuckles. Place your right hand flat (palm down) on the guide with your fingers together and thumb spread. Your index finger should be flush against the dotted line, but not covering it. N, RMATIO UE. RE IN FO O C ATALOG RE E M E R V O O F L G E T R OU F AR A OUR SE P SE NTATIVE FOR Y GUE E E S E S PLE A C ATALO E R E PR E R K R U U S O A D T H E G LO V E U O Y K S A DOWN L E .COM COPY OR AT W W W.KRUUS www.kruuse.com