DIAG IM3 - Page 166

KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic Miscellaneous A few additional products which do not fit into the standard categories are presented in this Miscellaneous section. 06 ยท 166 KRUUSE Microtransponder Examination and Diagnostic I Designed for animal identification. Detachable needle for easy disposal. Operational frequency 134.2 kHz. Reading distance 30 cm. Memory size 512 bit. Bio-compatible glass transponder size diameter 2.12 mm. Length 13,3 mm. Compliant to ISO 11784. Reading systems ISO FDX-B Cat. No 273676 Description KRUUSE microtransponder, 10/pk Otoscope Speculum Cleaner Cat. No 270112 Description S.Q.R.U.B. - otoscope speculum cleaner BUSTER Tube Introduction Kit BUSTER Tube Introduction Kit with battery handle. The kit is delivered in a handy pack with 3 different tips and 2 batteries (241520/unit). Facilitates the introduction of tubes. Cat. No 270500 www.kruuse.com Description BUSTER Tube Introduction Kit