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KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic Protective Gloves Protective gloves for handling cats. Strong gloves made of leather with double skinned protective tips. Special gloves with the palm and back of the hand made of beige ox hide. A 14 cm split collar has been fitted. The glove is lined with thermal cotton jersey. Standard size 10. Description Protective gloves for animal handling, 1 pair Examination and Diagnostic I 06 ยท 156 Cat. No 273083 BUSTER Injection Cage White crate, plastic covered with double, adjustable sides. Cat. No 281130 Description BUSTER injection cage 54 x 30 x 30 cm BUSTER Cat Restraint Cage Chrome plated cat restraint cage with adjustable side. Cat. No 281180 www.kruuse.com Description BUSTER cat restraint cage, 45 x 23 x 22 cm