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KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic KRUUSE Canine AI Kit Complete insemination kit for dogs. The set consists of: n Rubber funnel for artificial vagina n Centrifuge for insemination, 15 ml n Soft-Ject disposable syringe, 10 ml n Closing cap for syringe n BUSTER canine insemination catheter n Catheter gel, 10 ml for artificial insemination, 2/pk n Disposable gloves, polythene, medium, 2/pk. Description KRUUSE canine AI kit I 06 · 154 Cat. No 340905 Examination and Diagnostic Artificial Vagina Artificial vagina complete with rubber liner, collecting cone and collecting tube. The vagina can be inflated with air or water. Artificial vagina for: dogs, rams and goats. Ø 41 mm, L. 150 mm Cat. No 340650 Description Artificial vagina for dogs, rams, goats, 41 mm Killian Speculum Killian model. Length of jaws is 6 cm or 8.5 cm, stainless steel. Cat. No 273110 273130 Description Speculum model Killian 6.0 cm Speculum model Killian 8.5 cm BUSTER Insemination Catheter Sterile. Round at the top with luer connection for syringe. Cat. No 273404 www.kruuse.com Description BUSTER insemination catheter for dogs sterile, 12/pk